October 21, 2021

12 pm CET.  The data driven journey for M&E businesses

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Business track

  • 1 pm CET.  The evolution of video businesses and use of data to drive growth through increased customer engagement  πŸ‘‰  Save your seat here
  • 2 pm CET. What are the key data strategies that Service Providers should implement to grow customer revenues and the challenges they experience in their journey..  πŸ‘‰  Save your seat here
  • 3 pm CET.How Sport brands can take advantage of their fan’s data: The after COVID-19 digital transformation of fan engagement through data-driven insight.. πŸ‘‰ Save your seat here
  • 4 pm CET. Which are the real challenges when it comes to personalization and how to offer your viewers an individualized experience.. πŸ‘‰ Save your seat here
  • 5 pm CET. Data Platform: Build vs. Buy in the Media Industry. The big picture approach . πŸ‘‰ Save your seat here

Data-Driven Summit 2021 (12)